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The CCTR has organized three workshops in Greece and the produced reports and books can be find and downloaded here.

Matzarakis, A., de Freitas, C. R., Scott, D., (Eds.), 2007: Developments in Tourism Climatology. ISBN 978-3-00-024110-9.

Matzarakis, A., de Freitas, C., Scott, D., 2004 (eds.): Advances in tourism climatology. Ber. Meteorol. Inst. Univ. Freiburg Nr. 12.

Matzarakis, A.; C. R. de Freitas (Editors) , 2001: Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Climate, Tourism and Recreation. Report of a Workshop Held at Porto Carras, Neos Marmaras, Halkidiki, Greece, 5 -10 October 2001. International Society of Biometeorology, Commission on Climate Tourism and Recreation.

Other related reports and books

Amelung, B., Blazejczyk, K., Matzarakis, A., (eds.), 2007: Climate Change and Tourism: Assessment and Coping Strategies. Maastricht – Warsaw – Freiburg, 2007. ISBN: 978-00-023716-4.

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