Current Projects - Aktuelle Projekte

Running projects

MOSAIK - Evaluation of human thermal comfort/stress and planning adaptation possibilities in urban areas

Modelling and Software
RayMan - Modelling of Mean Radiant Temperature and Thermal Environment of Humans

CTIS - Climate-Tourism-Information-Scheme - Development of a Methodology and Software for the Transfer of Climate Information in Tourism and Planning

CMT - Climate Mapping Tool - A Software for visualizing climate data

SkyHelios - Modelling of thermal comfort and micro climate in complex environments 

Past projects

KUNTIKUM: Climate trends and sustainable tourism development in coastal and mountain regions in Germany: Product and infrastructure innovation through cooperative learning processes und strategical decision making -Weather and climate analysis

ACTIVE - Austrian Climate and Tourism Initiative

Adaptation of summer tourism in Austria in respect of climate change – StartClim.2006 D2

MORTKLIM - Climate and Mortality in AustriaRegional and local dimension of climate change: identification of the impact of climate variability and extreme events using the example of heat and drought in Baden-Württemberg

Tourklim: Bioclimatic assessment of austrian health and wellness resorts

Thermal perceptions of humans under climate change conditions in moderate and tropical-humid climate

Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases in Heraklion, Crete

Bioclimate analysis of Luxembourg

Environmental Early Warning Systems (EWS) for Communicable Diseases Preparedness and Sustainable Intervention in Ondo State, Nigeria

Urban bioclimate in the Russian Far East as Indicator for Life Quality

Development and application of mitigation and adaptation strategies and measures for counteracting the global Urban Heat Islands phenomenon (UHI)

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