Teaching material for students


Bachelor and Master studies

Masters: (Forest Ecology and Management), (Environmental Governance), (Environmental Sciences) and (Renewable Energy Management)

Climate Change in the Module "Global Environmental Change"
Climate Change and Forests in the Module "Forests and Climate Change"
Module: Hydrometeorology
Module: Fundamentals of Climate Change

Bachelors: (Environmental Sciences), (Forest and Emvironment), (Geography)

Module: Weather and climate (Measurements and observations)
Module: Topoclimatology
Module: Air pollution
Module: Regional Climate Change
Module: Climate of Tropics and Subtropics
Module: Tools in Meteorology and Climatology
Module: Atmospheric Environment
Module: Human-Biometeorology
Project study: Climate and Climate Impact Research

Traditional lectures

Actual climatic problems
Technical meteorology
Seminar atmospheric environment
Meteorological field training

Teaching for forest sciences

Core block meteorology and climatology
Advanced block supplements in meteorology
Advanced block forest meteorological measurement systems
Advanced block forest meteorology
Advanced block forest hydrometeorology
Advanced block climate as site factor
Advanced block urban climatology
Advanced block climate change

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