RayMan Pro is free for use for academic and scientific purposes - The RayMan pro version is only a beta and under continous development

Description: News:
  • RayMan stands for "radiation on the human body"
  • Official latest version is RayMan 1.2
  • Development in english
  • Continous update and development
  • If you want to be informed about new developments please fill out the form below
  • For further questions please mail to: Prof. Matzarakis
  • RayMan article 2010 in IJB
  • RayMan article 2007 in IJB available 
  • Please consider manual and post your queries and questions on RayMan forum
  • Improved input of meta and meteo data
  • Implementation of full human energy balance as output
  • Improved input possibilities for geomertrical properties and free drawing
  • High time resolution for shadow and sunshine in complex environments
  • RayMan pro includes thermal indices (PET, SET*, PT, UTCI, mPET)
  • RayMan obstacle files can be calculated from Shapefiles using
    the "Shp to Obs" plugin for Quantum GIS.
Application: Uses:
  • Applied meteorology and climatology
  • Landscape and ecological planning
  • Forest and agricultural metorology
  • Urban meteorology and climatology
  • health, recreation and tourism
  • Education and teaching
  • Academic research
  • Govermental and administrative use


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